Aluminium , Kamensk-Uralsk Metallurgical Works | 11 February 2016 г. | 15:00

KUMW continues to build new rolling complex

KUMW continues to build new rolling complex
Kamensk-Uralsk Metallurgical Works (KUMW) builds the second stage of tne new rolling complex with capacity of 160,000 tonnes of aluminium plates, shtrips and sheets pert year.

In May, 2015 KUMW launched the first stage, which consist cold rolling mill, coil annealing chamber furnaces, cutting lines, automatid warenhouse and etc.

Now KUMW constructs the second stage,that will produce aluminium hot rolled products.

You can find out more information about the possibilities of the new rolling complex, if you will visit KUMW stand (1D06) at Metal-Expo 2016, the 22th International Industrial Exhibition (8-11 November 2016, Moscow, Russia, hall 75, VDNkHa).

Source: Metal Supply and Sale Magazine
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