Severstal | 05 May 2017 г. | 12:44

Severstal Masters High-Strength Steels Production

Severstal Masters High-Strength Steels Production

Severstal mastered production of DP600 high-strength duplex ferrite-martensite hot-rolled steel. This type of product is used for manufacture of vehicular strength members and wheel disks. The new steel grade is mastered on mill 2000, sheet-rolling plant № 2, Cherepovets Steel Mill (part of Severstal Russian Steel Division). The steel grade combines high-strength and plasticity as well as quick mechanical hardening and low yield tensile strength. All this allows the steel to be efficiently used in manufacture of car parts by cold stamping method.

Such properties can be achieved by choosing optimal production technology: certain chemical composition and temperatures at hot-rolling mill 2000.

“DP600 steel allows us to increase supplies to the automotive industry opening new sales markets. We continue mastering new steel grades which are in high demand among car producers, supplying products meeting all the customer’s requirements”, commented V. Germanov, General Manager, Severstal Russian Steel Division.

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