Baikal Mining Company | 09 August 2017 г. | 11:59

BMC prepares “Chara” to receive personel in 2018

 BMC prepares “Chara” to receive personel in 2018

Baikal Mining Company LLC and TK Motor LLC concluded a contract for completion of construction, installation and finishing works required to commission Administrative and Hotel Complex “Chara” located in Novaya Chara settlement in Kalar District of Zabaikalie region. The completion of the works under this contract is planned for the end of 2017. The works will be financed from the company’s own funds.

In 2018 Udokan Copper Project will see a significant increase of specialists and workers at the site where the main activities are to be performed, according to the project schedule. Commissioning of Administrative and Hotel Complex “Chara” presents the best solution to personnel accommodation at the initial stages of transition to the active project phase.

It should be noted that the process of contractor selection for the above works prioritized review of resources and capabilities of companies from Zabaikalie region in line with the agreement on social and economic cooperation between the government of Zabaikalie region, administration of Kalar district and Baikal Mining Company signed in March of this year. This approach resulted in signing of a contract with a company based in Chita.
31 August 2017

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