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Metalloinvest Increases Iron Ore and Steel Outputs

In Q1, 2017 Metalloinvest produced 10.07Mt of iron ore, (+0.4% compared with the corresponding period of 2016:10.04Mt). Production of nodules grew 0.2% up to 5.98Mt compared with Q1 2016, while production of direct reduced iron dropped 0.6% to 1.47Mt. Pig iron production dropped 14.6% to 0.64Mt compared with Q1 2016. Steel melting in Q1 2017 increased 12.6% to 1.23Mt compared with January-March 2016. In Q1 2017 iron ore exports reached 2.79Mt (-1.4% compared with the corresponding period of ...
22 May 2017., 13:45   comment

TMK-INOX Extends Range of Electric-Welded Stainless Pipes

For the first time TMK-INOX produced a batch of electric-welded stainless (austenitic) steel pipes to be used under high pressure in aggressive environment requiring high corrosion-resistance, the company’s media office reports. Manufacture of new size-types of electric-welded stainless steel pipes along with the regular range is part of import substitutions program. TMK-INOX is one of the largest Russian producers of stainless steel pipes compliant with international standards. “Mastering production ...
22 May 2017., 13:40   comment

EVRAZ NTMK Ships Rails to Guinea

EVRAZ NTMK produced a batch of P50 rails, type OT350 for UC RUSAL to be used at Compagnie des Bauxites de Kindia, a bauxites deposit in Guinea, the company’s media office reports. The steel rails will be used for repairing a railway connecting the deposit with Conakry sea port shipping bauxites and delivering materials. Africa is one of EVRAZ target regions for steel rails export. The company also supplies steel rails to Egypt and Algeria.
22 May 2017., 13:37   comment

Steel Structures Manufacturers to Exhibit Their Potential

SteelStructures’2017 , the 2d International Specialized Exhibition, a key event in the metal construction industry will be held on 5-8 June, hall 8.1, Expocentre Fairground, Moscow, Russia. Using steel structures and metal products in the construction industry is a promising and dynamic trend. In Q1 2017 steel structures output grew 15% as compared to the corresponding period last year. The exhibition will bring together more than 100 industry leaders, among them: • Steel structures manufacturers: ...
05 December 2017., 16:46   comment

EVRAZ Expands Sales Markets

EVRAZ dispatched a batch of nodules produced at Kachkanarsk Mining and Dressing Plant to US Steel Kosice, the biggest steel mill in Slovakia. The nodules fully meet the customer’s requirements in chemical composition and physical properties. The content of iron in the nodules is more than 60%; such high strength and solidity characteristics allow to produce high quality steels. The nodules by Kachkanarsk passed ANSERTEKO, Moscow tests. Besides Europe, EVRAZ also ships to Turkey and China. In ...
05 May 2017., 12:51   comment

NLMK Starts Manufacture of Polymer Coated Rolled Stock with Enhanced Decorative Properties

NLMK Group presented new type of product in the domestic market: multilayer polymer coated rolled stock. As compared to a normal coating, this type has an enhanced durability and an attractive habitus due to lacquer coating. The rolled products are to be used for facades, rooting and interior finishing. The production technology includes coating of the galvanized sheet with at least three layers. First the coil is pre-coated then coated with colored paint-and-lacquer coating followed by lacquer ...
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Severstal Masters High-Strength Steels Production

Severstal mastered production of DP600 high-strength duplex ferrite-martensite hot-rolled steel. This type of product is used for manufacture of vehicular strength members and wheel disks. The new steel grade is mastered on mill 2000, sheet-rolling plant № 2, Cherepovets Steel Mill (part of Severstal Russian Steel Division). The steel grade combines high-strength and plasticity as well as quick mechanical hardening and low yield tensile strength. All this allows the steel to be efficiently used ...
05 May 2017., 12:44   comment

Steel Producers to be Presented New Types of Equipment and Solutions

More than 100 Russian and international equipment suppliers and advanced solutions providers have already confirmed their participation in Metal-Expo’2017 (November 14-17, 2017, Moscow, Russia). Leading Russian equipment suppliers including Ormeto-YUMZ, EZTM, VNIIMETMASH, Tyazhpressmash as well as Metal-Expo regular exhibitor from the Ukraine NKMZ will present their expositions at Metal-Expo. All the companies are members of Metallurgmash, the International Union of Metallurgical Equipment Producers ...
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